• Auto Buying Service

    car buying service
If you’re on the hunt for that perfect set of wheels, Georgia United can help you “accelerate” the process. We have proven success with negotiating rock-bottom prices on your behalf at most local new car dealerships. Contact Auto Assistance of Georgia (our awesome car buying service) at 770-476-6400, ext. 6471. A team member will get the scoop on what kind of vehicle you’re looking for, along with any bells and whistles you’re hoping to add. They’ll provide you with both the sticker and invoice prices for your vehicle, as well as any applicable rebates. We’ll funnel all that info into finding the dealership that offers the best price on that vehicle. In most cases, the discount price you are eligible for with Auto Assistance of Georgia will save you both the hassle of negotiating AND hundreds (even thousands) off the sticker price.

Visit www.cuautosearch.com to fill out an auto request form and to view a sample listing of used vehicles for sale from our dealer approved network.